untitled, 2013,marble, dimensions: 2,50 x 0,4 x 0,3 m.



Alex Laios-13

Year of construction: 1929, 2013, graphite on photographic paper dimensions: 2,50 x0,90 m. approx.


Alex Laios-15

Awkward this Feeling of Safety (After San Romano), 2013
marble, leather, bronze, foam, dimensions: 3 x 1,20 x 0, 8 m.


Alex Laios-16

Heimlich?, 2010-12
pencil on paper, 50 drawings, dimensions variable

Alex Laios-16a


Alex Laios-16b.jpg

Heimlich?, 2012
pencil on paper, dimensions:0,24 x 0,30 m.


Alex Laios-12

Installation view, 2013
“The Architectural Object”, group show, Ilena Tounta Gallery, Athens