Born in Athens, in 1979. Lives and works in Athens. He is a member of the Under Construction Group (www.underconstructiongroup.com)
2000 – 2005 Athens School of Fine Arts
2007 – 2009 MFA, Athens School of Fine Arts
2004 Proposed for the scholarship of the academic year 2003-2004, Athens School of Fine Arts
2005 Graduated with bachelor’s honours degree
2009 Graduated with MFA honours degree


2018, Annealing Point, Elika Gallery, Athens


2018, Impulses of inalienability, eins Gallery, Cyprus

2017,  Face to Phase, Performative Exhibition, Athens School of Fine Arts,  Athens,    Curator: Tzeni Argiriou & Vasilis Gerodimos
2015 “Άντερ Κονστράξιον”Athens Biennale, Omonoia,Under Construction group, Unknown Artist curated by Christina Sgouromiti,  (Under Construction Group),  Molivos, Mitilini, Greece
OMONOIA Athens Biennale 2015-2017,  (Under Construction Group), Bageion Hotel,  Omonia Square, Athens

2014 Failure, The Symptom Projects, curated by Th. Zafeiropoulos,  former Hospital of Amfissa, Amfissa, Greece
Fever of the Antique, curated by Evangeli Ledaki, Association of Greek  Archaeologists, Athens
Boundaries, curated by Becky Campell, Snehta Residency, Athens

2013 Afresh A New Generation of Greek Artists, Curated by T. Pandi, D. Vitali, D. Dragona, National Museum of Contemporary Art, (EMST), Athens, Greece
Violence?, curated by M. Marangou, (Under Contruction Group), CAID-Societas, Scientia et Arts, Athens
Towards Tinos, curated by Ch. Marinos, Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos, Greece
Thrills and Chills, Daily Lazy projects, Art Athina, Athens
The Architectural Object, curated by K. Nikou, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece

2012 Vanishing Point, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece
Hosted in Athens, Daily Lazy Projects, (Under Construction Group), Empros Theater, Athens

2011 Monodrome, Athens Biennale, (Under Construction Group), Athens, Greece
Self as a Stage, curated by the QWERTY team, (Under Construction Group), ReMap KM3, Athens
Placement-misplacement-displacement, curated by Ch.Androulidaki, ReMap KM3, ΑΔ Gallery, Athens

2010 Utopia Project 2006-2010, Institute of Contemporary Greek Art (ISET), Athens,
In Real Time, Beautiful World, Heavenly Creation vol. II, curated by Lida  Kazantzaki, (Under Construction Group), Municipal Market of Kipseli, Athens
Oasis in Aoasis, curated by G. Michalaros and P. Famelis, Polixronopoulos Museum, Kineta, Greece
Removal- Residence, curated by A. Ioannidis, Patra’s International Festival, Old Municipal Baths, Patra, Greece

2009 Head Start, curated by A. Koronaiou-A. Chatzinasiou, Elefteria’s Park, Athens
Beautiful World, Heavenly Creation vol. I, (Under Construction Group), Open Lido 12,  Lido, Venice
EXIT, (Under Construction group), Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens

2008 My Living Room, curated by S. Bachtzetzis, (Under Construction group), Athens Άντερ Κονστράξιον,
(Under Construction Group), Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki,Greece


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