text written for the exhibition «Annealing Point», Elika Gallery, 2018, Athens


Red light has the highest wavelength while red is the colourat the end of the visible spectrum. This afternoon visual phenomenon has been the impetus for numerous conceptual schemes.

Conceptual schemes as real events that determine our perception of the world but are also elements of the poetic experience, in the same way that useful, main ingredients are extracted from raw materials.  This is the main characteristic of materials that can be processed, namely their ability to be stressed to their limits in order to produce shapes. In this sense, materials such as metal, glass and words are used to give shape to concepts. Likewise, from the moment of the sunset -the turning point of the visible spectrum- to the random, “trivial” everyday traces, the reason seeks the absolute, the minimum and zero, as a note for the day that has gone by.

Under the light, the unexpected event takes the form of a genuine act that diverges from reason. It is probably in this unmapped zone where we find the act that, as noted by N.G. Pentzikis in his postface to Mallarme´s Igitur: “teaches us a new form of optimism, the insanity of the act, where the fact that we do not believe anything does not stop us, thus creating anhonest and beneficial insanity”.



*Annealing point is a process of slowly cooling hot glass or metal objects after they have been formed in order to reduce their hardness and increase their ductility.