text written for the exhibition” The Architectural Object “at Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens


curator:Katerina Nikou

Alexandros Laios focuses on the quest for the canny (Heimlich), in other words a space or a situation with which we can reconciliate. This quest can nevertheless bring about the opposite result, and even reach the point of the unfamiliar, as these two elements are in constant conflict in the human conscience. The unfamiliar (unheimlich) , also translated as “freakish” or “strangely mystical” conveys the sense of a familiar situation to us, yet one that may become a nightmare because, even though it looks like something we know, it is eventually something strangely unfamiliar. If we return though to the notion of reconciliation, we might say that before that  there has been a claim situation. Claim, which is an inherent trait of the political system itself, is about gaining command of space control. We could probably say that the claim itself defines an intermittent space where those who claim are actually trying to define their position. In a place that lacks stability. With a history that one will always have to earn.